Life on the Road: Volume 5 – Final Tour Thoughts

Mocha Club volunteer, Lauren, is currently out on tour with MC Sponsors Addison Road and Sanctus Real.  She will be giving us insight to life on the road over the next few weeks.  Read the intro to this series here.

It’s been a little over a week since the Addison Road and Sanctus Real tour came to a close. I can’t believe it’s already over. I had the time of my life meeting new people and seeing new places. Let me preface what I’m about to say by saying that I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of this tour. I will carry these memories for the rest of my life!

But, honestly, for me, the longer the tour went on, the more it felt like “work.”  That’s okay though, because you’re supposed to love your job, right?!  There were many conversations had about how it’s ALL (late nights, early mornings, BBQ for dinner five shows in a row, broken down buses, RVs, vans, etc.) worth it.  It’s all worth it because every night we watch it pay off.  It pays off because these artists meet people at every show who have been touched by their music, some who would say they have even had their lives changed by it. More importantly, though, it all pays off because people halfway across the world are getting the chance to have access to clean drinking water for the first time… ever!

Yep… I’d say it pays off.

{Side note: MC sponsor Matt Wertz put together a really great video giving insight on what it’s really like being on the road.  He speaks the truth.  Thanks, Matt.}

Here’s a picture from one of the last nights of the tour – an offstage view right before Sanctus takes the stage…

Sanctus Real // Addison Road tour

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