39-Year-Old High School Student?

DSC00122We’ve recently been sharing some testimonies from the high school students at New Dawn School that MC supports in the Huruma slum of Nairobi, Kenya.  Here’s a fun little story that we thought you’d enjoy about one of the students who is quite unconventional!

In this photo is New Dawn’s oldest high school student – a 39-year-old man who kept coming to the school to enroll.  At first, the school administration didn’t understand and asked him what child he was trying to enroll.   When he told them that he was the one who wanted to enroll, they naturally turned him away…after all, it’s a high school!  However, he was very persistent and kept coming back.  Finally, they admitted him.  Now, he has become so well-respected that the other students elected him as the President of the student body.  The principal said that the students respect him for his desire and commitment to finish a high school education.

Do we value our education this much in the U.S.?  Thank you for your sacrifice which provides hope and a future to these students!

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