Worker Readiness School in South Africa

Here’s an update from our Mocha Club project, Living Hope Community Center, which provides support to those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa.
Living Hope students

Living Hope has launched its Worker Readiness School! In their effort to help those living with HIV/AIDS find jobs, they researched what South African employers are looking for.  Surprisingly, the employers’ greatest need is not that workers have the hard skills, but rather soft skills like emotional readiness and a positive mindset.  This prompted Living Hope to start the Living Way Worker Readiness School.   The course began in April 2010 with 10 participants, and Living Hope has already seen a lot of fruit from the program!
The training is a mixture of personal development, interpersonal growth, and fundamental job skills.  Specific topics include:

  • Work Ethics
  • Values
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Interviewing
  • Resume writing

The course is 9 full days of training spread over a three-week period. With homework and tests, the teachers ensure that all students are engaging with the material.

When asked what they had gained, some participants responded…

“I gained hope, forgiveness and taking initiative at a workplace as well as communicating with your colleagues.”

“How to manage my time and money… and how to be resilient.”

“To be on time, honest, forgiving, handling money God’s way, to communicate well.”

Thank you for your contributions that help provide job training to our friends affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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