Grace flows down….

Grace AIDS Project

Staff members at Sunyani Regional Hospital

The Grace HIV/AIDS project, based in Ghana, is supported monthly by the $7 contributed by Mocha Club members. This project is a holistic approach to combat HIV/AIDS- the program is aimed at helping those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

The project was started at the Sunyani Regional Hospital in the Brong Region of Ghana. At the end of every month some HIV/AIDS victims are, thanks to your support, able to have access life-saving medications free of charge. Initially the project was covering 60 patients but the number has been increased to 107 patients per month.

The hospital authorities and the pharmacists distribute the drugs according to needs of the patients. From July to September 2010, we were able to take care of 112 infected persons. The number includes five single parents.

Think of the families. Think of the children. Think of the lives that your $7 is saving

By the end of 2010, we hope to be supporting 200 HIV/AIDS patients with the medicine and care they need to survive. With your continued help, our HIV/AIDS + Health care project can meet this goal and provide for those in need of the necessary drugs and education.

One patient, when interviewed said, “I appreciate that someone cares about me.”

Thank you for caring.

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