Meet Stephen.

We love to share stories from our projects and connect you with the actual people you’re serving with your $7 a month sacrifice. Here’s a story from New Dawn, the high school that Mocha Club supports in the Huruma slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

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Stephen’s story….

Stephen was a night watchman. And at the age of 37, he heard of a school called New Dawn Educational Center, a high school that was located in the slums of Huruma very close to where he worked as a guard.  Hearing that this school was so close to his work rekindled his desire to finish his education.

He found the school and when he asked the principal for the application for admission to the school they thought he wanted to register a child for school. Stephen explained that he was the one who wanted to attend school and after much talking, they admitted him to the 9th grade.

There were many challenges.

Stephen worked all night, continuing as a night watchman, and then attended class from 8-4:30. It was also difficult to relate to the younger students and to adjust to being back in school after having been out of school for 21 years.

But he has kept his guard job for nearly 4 years and this year Stephen will graduate from high school at New Dawn.

Stephen said, “New Dawn has been very important in my life, it was like a savior to me. It caused me to weigh my level of commitment and sacrifice to show how serious I can be to do something to persevere.”

Stephen sums up his experience at New Dawn with these words: sacrifice, determination, commitment, perseverance and endurance. He expresses deep gratitude to Mocha Club members for the sacrifice they have made to provide for the sponsorship of New Dawn and its students. He remarks, “You have made something possible that wasn’t possible. You are great people with a great heart.

He said, “The day I receive my graduation certificate will truly be a “new dawn” in my life —a dream come true.”

Thank you for your continued support of our Education project. Your $7 a month has changed Stephen’s life– and so many others.

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  • Reply Janet in Knoxville, TN November 30, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I’m so proud of Stephen! Congratulations go out to him for this endeavor! My prayers are with him as he continues following his dreams.

  • Reply Kevin December 1, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    “sacrifice, determination, commitment, perseverance and endurance.” Wow, Stephen, you’re an inspiration! You are the one with a great heart.

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