Hang in there, seniors.

For high school and college seniors out there, graduation is in May. Though close, senioritis [a terrible disease contracted by seniors involving lack of motivation and deep need to escape the confines of school] leads them to believe that graduation will never come.

We’d like to encourage you with our own graduation story.

Pre-school graduation in Khayelitsha, South Africa, that is.


Best moment of the year: the small children in graduation gowns, their faces filled with joy when their certificates (including a graduation picture!) are presented to them, the lively performances and the loud applause from the proud parents.

At the Masibambane preschool graduation the community leader gave a speech. The preschool was built in 2003 and many children have and are attending the preschool; some of the children are already in high school and have grown up to become fine young adults. This is the hope for that community.

And THIS is hope for you! Graduation is just around the corner. So hang in there!

You can learn more about our Education projects, specifically Creche Preschools in Cape Town, South Africa, by reading through the Education blog posts and checking out the Education Project page.

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