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What happens after you donate your $7 a month to our HIV/AIDS project?

Recently, the staff at Grace HIV/AIDS Project in Sunyani, Ghana received the funds they will need to continue their work in that community with those that are sick.

Dec 2010

(Here you see our Mocha Club/African Leadership representative presenting money to the Sunyani Regional Hospital in support of HIV/AIDS infected persons.)

How does the money get used?

  • At the end of every month HIV/AIDS victims are able to access drugs free of charge.
  • Initially the project was covering 60 patients but the number has been increased to 112 patients per month.

(In Ghana many believe HIV/AIDS is a curse from God so victims of the disease are kicked out of their communities. The orphans are left to take care of themselves. Victims who are mostly women and divorced and the men are neglected by the society. Many of the victims are peasant farmers who make less than $300 a year and are unable to work. They and their children therefore suffer financially and psychologically.)

  • We are able to pay for Health Insurance for some of the patients, to protect them in case of attack from other diseases (example- malaria).

We are currently taking care of 112 infected persons. The number includes five single parents.

The goal for 2011 is to raise that number to 200. By continuing to donate your $7 a month, and by inviting your friends and family to join your team, you can insure that an additional 80 people receive the help they need.

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