Encouraging words from Jaac.


The refugee situation in Sudan has worsened in the last few months. More and more people are being forced to leave their homes and move into refugee camps. But as we told you last month in our series on the vote on independence for Southern Sudan (part 1, part 2, part 3), it appears that things will slowly but surely improve.

Our partners on the ground in Jaac, Sudan, where Mocha Club wells continue to provide water for thousands of people every day, recently updated us with much thanks-

There, in the midst of the suffering and violence, was something else. You. Your compassion. Your solidarity. Your encouragement.

You may not have been in Jaac personally, but your heart was. Your hands were. While the rest of the world either ignored the problem, denied it existed, or just wrung its hands in indecision, you responded. We sent out the call, and you responded.

What we brought from a material perspective was small. But what we brought, which could not be seen, was exactly what the refugees in Jaac needed more than food and shelter. Encouragement.

We are grateful to be assisting those who are on the ground day after day helping these Sudanese people by providing food, blankets, and clean water. Your $7/month makes it possible for these refugees to live safe and healthy lives.

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