What kind of training do the women receive?

As of January 2011, thirteen more women have started new lives as cafe employees!

Women At Risk

While this may not seem like a huge deal to us here in the States (can’t we all list friends who work at Starbucks?), the truth is that these new jobs are absolutely life-changing. These thirteen women, just six months ago, were prostitutes on the streets of Ethiopia.

During their time in the Women at Risk program, the women learned:

  • how to develop their skills with the work experience
  • how to work in a team
  • how to solve when problems that happen while working together
  • how to find customers for the existing business

Besides the skill training, they also received:

  • relevant lessons in keeping simple bookkeeping  records
  • how to know their profit and loses
  • how to control the assets in their business
  • customer service
  • what kind of problems they may face and how to solve them.

All these will give them skills to manage their business and assign the right person in different responsibilities in their occupation.

With the support of your $7 a month, these women are receiving training that will last them for many years in the workforce. And now, sixteen more women have begun the Women at Risk training program. Leaving a life on the streets just a few weeks ago, they are actively participating in the counseling program as well as the training program.

We are thrilled with all that is happening at the Women at Risk facility and look forward to continuing to train these women in skills that will give them the chance to make an honest living for themselves and their families.

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