Hanna's rescue.

It’s been almost a year since Hanna left her life on the streets.

Hanna was born and grew up in Nazareth, Ethiopia, and lived with her parents. Her father was an alcoholic and due to that disease, he didn’t provide for or support his family. There were many kids in Hanna’s family, so it was very hard for her mother to single-handedly care for her children’s needs, even their food. Because of this, when Hanna turned 16 she was forced to get a job as a house maid.

After working for six months, she wasn’t able to survive the challenges that came with the work so she stopped and turned to the streets. In her neighborhood, there were so many young women involved in prostitution. Hanna became friends with these women.

One even said, “if would you do like us you would be able to feed yourself and your family as well.”

At that time, Hanna felt that she couldn’t say no; all she thought about was getting enough to feed herself and her family. So that day, she took her friend’s advice and got into prostitution. Hanna worked as a prostitute for one year before she joined our project.

One year.

So many days. So many nights. So many heartbreaking experiences, all just to feed her family.

Until she joined Women At Risk in the summer of 2010. There was her rescue.

Women At Risk

After being accepted by our project, Hanna was offered support and counseling to work on changing her perspective, understanding her former life, and beginning a new chapter of her life.

In the program, she was so happy. Hanna attended every session, every class, every activity. Now she has acquired employable skill. She will begin work in the café which is to be opened soon and located at the market center with her 5 friends. Her future goal is to work hard in making her life better and help her family as she wished during her childhood.

Through your support of $7/month, other young women like Hanna are being rescued from a life of prostitution and given a different future.

You rescued her. And so many more…..

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  • Reply Zemach Faris April 30, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    I was in Ethiopia on Jan- Feb 2011, I visited the training site for those women who need to change there life. I had a chance to chat with some of them, there story was touching. It was easy for me to know there feeling because I am an Ethiopian too. I felt honour to visit the project and witnesed seeing 7dollars a month contribution make a difference in women’s life.
    Zemach Faris
    Seattle ,Wa

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