New wells.

Now that the rainy season has ended, our partners on the ground in Jaac, Sudan have begun to build more wells.

Though there is plenty of water around, especially after the rainy season, it’s not safe or healthy to drink. Thousands of people still live, day after day, with these kinds of holes as their only source for water. Shared with animals, crude ponds like this fill with rain water and runoff and many other dangerous bacteria and diseases.

PPF - water

Your $7/month donation to the Clean Water project is going to aid these refugees in camps around Jaac to be able to have drinkable water flowing from a clean water well. As the dry season continues and more wells are built, more pictures like this will pour in (pun intended 🙂 ) from Sudan.

More families will have clean water.

More children will be healthy.

No longer will rain water sitting in muddy puddles be the source of water.

New wells will gush with clean, cool, safe water.

Thank you.

PPF - new wells

**pictures used with permission from Persecution Project Foundation**

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