fashionABLE on the road.

Many of you have joined Mocha Club thanks to our amazing artists sharing about Mocha Club with you from the stage. They tell about the clean water wells we help fund, the orphanages that we provide for, the medication given to HIV/AIDS patients, women at risk being rehabilitated, and the places where children are being educated.

Recently, many of our Women At Risk artists have also started telling their audiences about the fashionABLE story. Women who were formerly on the streets have been rehabilitated and trained to create beautiful scarves in a variety of styles. Not only are these women being given a safe place to live, they are learning a trade that can provide for them and their children.

We are grateful to our artists for spreading the word about the good work that is going on in Ethiopia with these women. Each month, we are able to train and rehabilitate more women because members like you support our Women at Risk project.

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Matt Wertz showing the Bezuayhu Pink at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA

(photo credit: Amy Gwaltney)

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Ellie Holcomb wearing the Charcoal Meselu at their show at Exit/In in Nashville, TN.

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