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“Clean water is not just about digging wells. Providing a dependable water source to a poor community opens the door for agricultural initiatives that lead to greater and cheaper food production. This brings self-sufficiency, wealth and greater health to a formerly impoverished community.”

(quote from PPF)

Much like you see with our fashionABLE scarf line, we believe that while charity is helpful and good, creating sustainable business and self-sufficiency will make a more permanent change in the lives of those in the communities where we work.

Building clean water wells provides more than just fresh water. According to The Water Project, having clean water wells in a community also makes the following impact:

  • Girls return to school.
  • Women begin small businesses.
  • Men are no longer too sick to work.
  • Fields are watered and food supply becomes more reliable.
  • Health returns and children grow up to be productive members of their community.

There are many other health, business, education and relational benefits to providing clean water to villages that currently have no access to it. Your $7 each month helps fund the building of clean water wells, but it does so much more.

Thank you.

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