Grace HIV/AIDS project

Through the Grace HIV/AIDS project, we partner with Sunyani Regional Hospital in Ghana to provide monthly assistance for over 100 people infected with HIV, including Anti-retroviral drugs (ARV’s) and support for nursing mothers and others with HIV. Grace offers a holistic approach

Shockingly, it only costs $5 a month in Ghana for the ARV’s necessary to keep a person with HIV alive – but some of the poorest people cannot even afford these inexpensive and life-giving treatments.

Because of the giving of Mocha Club members, HIV/AIDS victims are able to access drugs free of charge each month. Initially the project was covering 60 patients but the number has been increased to 107 patients per month.

In Ghana many believe HIV/AIDS is a curse from God so victims of the disease are stigmatized. The orphans are left to cater for themselves. Victims who are mostly women and divorced and the men are neglected by the society. Majority of the victims are peasant farmers whose per capitol incomes are below $300 and are unable to work. They and their dependants therefore suffer financially and psychologically.

Char and Skiff visited the Sunyani Regional Hospital on their Mocha Club Experience trip. Watch the video below to see how the hospital runs and to see your $7 at work!

The Final Countdown: Zimbabwe/Ghana: Webisode 13 from The Mocha Club on Vimeo.

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