Overhauling Lives with Education

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CNN Inside Africa: “Ethiopian school that feeds body and mind”

The opportunity to be a student has powerful implications in third-world countries. Schools serve a valuable part in a cycle of transformation that re-routes the course of an impoverished African child’s life.

Compassion drove Muday Mitiku to create a school called Fresh and Green Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and this initiated the change that has rippled through the city’s poorer neighborhoods. Fresh and Green has not only kept young children off the streets and safe from shameful futures, it has created jobs for the students’ mothers and older siblings, who help to prepare meals, clean, or teach lessons.

Along with an education, the school provides three meals daily to children and seeks to foster “a spirit of giving” amongst students. Mitiku hopes that the opportunities she and others seek to create for students will motivate them to pour back into their community.

You can read more and see more pictures of the school on CNN Inside Africa.

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