Emily in Africa: New Dawn Education Centre

Emily Crane, our Auburn campus rep, is spending 2 months in Africa this summer. She will be keeping us updated on all of her adventures and provide a glimpse into what Mocha Club is doing on the ground.

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New Dawn High School is a school nestled in the middle of Huruma, a small slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Huruma is a slum that has been described by locals as “a pit: no one comes out of it and there is no hope for a better life.” A precious woman named Irene followed the Lord’s leading and decided she would do something about this. In the past five years, she has seen the foundation of a school grow into so much more: it is a place of hope that has truly transformed an entire community. It is a place that students never want to leave; it is a school that has become a home, with people inside that have become family. The students said that these teachers literally represent the face of Jesus to them day in and day out. They are always there for them to cry with when they need it, to offer inspiration and spur them on towards a bright future, and most importantly to repeatedly direct them toward the Word of God.

As our team immersed ourselves into the New Dawn family for the week, we were blessed beyond belief. We were able to just do life with these students. We sat in on their classes, had the opportunity to answer their questions, participated in student-led Bible studies, were invited into their homes, and everything in-between. New Dawn is a special place where Jesus is celebrated and hope is born. On our final day at the school, we were able to bless every student and teacher with a water filter, a backpack filled with school supplies, and a Bible. Never before have I seen such gratitude. Never before have I seen the Word of God so prized and so craved by youth. The Lord’s provision and plan for New Dawn is clear; what an honor to get to see how the funding from MC is being used to further His greater plan!

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One particular girl captured my heart: her name is Jentricks and she is the assistant Head Girl of the school. She is a Form 2 student (aka a sophomore). She walks an hour to school each way—meaning she leaves at 5 AM, well before the sun rises. She excels in her studies and abounds in her thirst for the Lord. She questions the injustices of life but has unwavering faith. Her smile lights up the room. She’s a natural born leader. She has hope for a bright future first and foremost because of Jesus and through his provision of New Dawn and the guidance, care, and hope this school brings. I love seeing the impact Mocha Club actually has through these on the ground projects. It is more than reading statistics and spouting off horrifying facts; it’s coming face to face with it, hearing stories and seeing hope. Seeing that sacrificial living is so worth it. Seeing Christ in the midst of it all.

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If you want to support New Dawn Education Centre, join Mocha Club’s Education Project and watch how just $7 a month can change the lives of teenagers in Kenya.

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  • Reply Stephanie June 30, 2011 at 11:37 am

    I was so excited when I saw you visited New Dawn–the director of the school and her husband are heavily involved with the organization I work for, and they’re awesome! I heard Irene’s vision for the people of this community four years ago, and it was one of those things that woke my heart up for Africa. Glad to see Mocha Club is supporting her heart!

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