The World’s Best Doctors Care for the World’s Neediest

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Doctors Go Far Afield to Battle Epidemics

In sub-Saharan Africa, where there is disease, there is a shortage of medical professionals. The World Health Organization estimates that the “region bears a quarter of the world’s burden of disease, but has only 3 percent of its health care workers.

An awareness for the intense want of medical knowledge and expertise in Africa has inspired the formation of medical coalitions and cooperatives that send American doctors abroad.  The top universities in the nation play party to this push for aid—Harvard, Baylor, Duke, Princeton, and Washington University, to name a few.  At the forefront of these medical missions are globally minded and politically-positioned individuals including Bill Gates, Vanessa Kerry, and Barbara Bush.

These organizations are pioneering the changes to medical care in local hospitals and clinics targeting over 50,000 HIV-positive children.

Read more from The New York Times Africa page.

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