How do we help those who have already lost someone to HIV/AIDS?


Many families that come to the Grace HIV/AIDS Project in Sunyani, Ghana have already lost someone they love to this disease. Here two patients tell first hand of how Mocha Club has stepped in and helped after their loss…

“I am a farmer. I have two children and my wife passed away as a result of the HIV/AIDS. I personally came to the hospital for laboratory test and tested positive after the death of the mother of my children. Since then, Mocha Club has been providing me with drugs which have kept me stronger and stronger. I believe I brought this disease into my family. May God forgive me, for I am the one who sent my wife to her early grave. God bless Mocha Club once again.”

“My husband who infected me died a year ago by the virus. I have been struggling to care for my four children. I want to sell charcoal but I don’t have money to do that. I find it difficult to come to the clinic because I don’t have lorry fare. I however thank Mocha Club for the support.”

The struggles are real and heartbreaking. But each month as we provide antiretroviral therapy to over 100 patients, we see more and more people surviving and families being kept whole. Your $7 a month is also helping to provide for single mothers who need more than just ART treatment. With a goal of serving 200 patients in 2012, Grace HIV/AIDS Project and Mocha Club are partnering together to make this a reality.

We want healthy families to be the reality in Ghana. And you are a part of that.

Thank you.

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