South Sudan!


Wounded veterans of the southern Sudan People’s Liberation Army march during a rehearsal for independence, in the southern capital of Juba on Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Southern Sudan declared independence from the north on July 9, an event that follows decades of civil war between them. The Republic of South Sudan is the world’s 193rd country. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)

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It is an exciting month for our friends in South Sudan. The country has officially been recognized as an independent nation!

You can read about it here in the AP article “South Sudan to become new nation amid war worries

Watch as citizens and politicians from around the world celebrate this amazing event!

Char & Skif visited Sudan and made an amazing video about the need for clean water for the refugees there.

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We are excited for those in South Sudan and the future of this nation, but we also know there is still great need for the people there. Your $7 a month towards the Clean Water project ensures that we are a part of meeting those needs.

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