Ethiopia 2010 Trip Blogger: Brittany

Brittany Pollard returned Ethiopia with Mocha Club in December 2010. Here are her thoughts and reflections on how this experience affected her life.

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Meet Addis and her youngest daughter, Kalkidan. If you happened to read my post from summer of 2009, you might recognize these two. Addis was “my girl” that summer. I loved her dearly and prayed for her often. Addis now works in the kitchen at Sisters Cafe, and both Kalkidan and her older daughter, Tigist, are in school. There is a lightness about Addis, a joy that I had not seen in her last summer. In reuniting with her, I was so overwhelmed with joy that I thought my heart might burst!

Wrapped up in this photo and in Addis’ story is everything that’s “right” about the Mocha Club. It tells a story of pain, rescue, hope, change and a new life. It’s the reason we give. It’s the reason Mocha Club exists. Addis is a reminder that Jesus still saves and changes lives, and that, for some crazy reason, He chooses to partner with us to do so.

God doesn’t need our time, our money or our voice. No, He doesn’t need any of it. But I believe He loves when we choose to be a part of what He’s doing. And I’m reminded once again of the incredible blessing and joy of partnering with God.

As I came away from our time with Women At Risk in Nazret, Ethiopia, God gave me a glimpse into the future of the women there in the form of a reunion with Addis.

Let’s continue to partner with Mocha Club, supporting the work of the organizations like Women At Risk, and ultimately the work of Jesus Christ. The hope we have in Jesus is real. I know it, Addis knows it, and I hope, my dear reader, that you know it, too. Let’s pray that as we are generous with our time, our resources and our lives, that hope would be restored to the broken and hurting in Ethiopia, and in Africa as a whole.

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You can join Mocha Club and support the Women at Risk project to see these women in Nazaret continue to be trained and rehabilitated.

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  • Reply tadios tadesse August 5, 2011 at 12:52 am

    if this goes to Brittany i just don’t know what to say except i love u sis u have been an amazing row model for me and everybody that knows u and i am so proud to even know for at least two weeks i have to say those two weeks were like two years for me i have learned a lot with u guys and it’s my wish to became a translator again for mocha club it’s a job that no one could ask for and i wish i was steel doing that now b/c it’s not just a job for me it’s like a free school of where u learn all the things that are godly if u know what i mean b/c of u guys i have become some one i loved a caring,giving,respectful,and just loving guy and it’s all up to u guys so thanks a lot i love u again sis

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