Spiderman’s guide to changing the world with 2 Big Macs.

MC artist/speaker Sammy Adebiyi has some great thoughts to share today. Read to the end of the post to see how you can win a free Mocha Club t-shirt, too!!

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If ‘you had me at hello’ and ‘so you’re telling me there’s a chance’ were the most famous movie quotes of the 90’s then this has to be tops in the last 10 years.

With great power… [Finish it with me… I know you know it] comes great responsibility.

With great power comes great responsibility. 

I think what makes that quote so quotable is that it not only challenges love struck super heros but its such a powerful challenge for you and I.

I know, I know, you’ve not been bitten by a mutated spider and you can’t scale sky scrappers in spandex.

You don’t even have a cool nick name and the only slime you’ve brought to justice was in a dirty diaper .

You’re just average ‘middle-class-McDonalds-eating’ Joe.

I get it. I really do. You’re no hero. And neither am I.


But what if I told you that you have more ‘power’ than you know? 

What if I told you that you literally have more potential than most of the world? 


I know it sounds crazy but its true.

If you’re reading this right now from your home, you have more resources and ‘power’ than a vast majority of the world.

In fact only 4% of the world can read this from their personal computer.

4%. That’s unbelievable!

I could stat you to death but i know you’ve heard it all so I’ll just stick to the one. 4%. You’re in the top 4% of 6 billion people. How unbelievable is that? Seriously! That’s mind blowing.

The only thing that is more astounding is the opportunity that stat affords you. I know this is gonna sound nuts but I promise you its true.

Because you’re in the top percentile of the world…

Because you have such great ‘power’, you can, get this….

Change the lives of 60 people for the price of 2 Big Macs. 

I’ll say it again, for the price of 2 big macs, you can literally change the lives of 60 Africans.

Shut the front door.

Get out of town!

Say it ain’t so Sammy.

It is so.

$7 will give clean water to 5 Africans [who would die without that water] for an entire year. 

That’s unbelievable.

You know when I was seven, I desperately wanted to change the world but I thought I had to be a superhero to make a difference because the worlds problems were so big.

Fast forward 23 years and I’m not a superhero [unfortunately] and the worlds problems are still really ‘big- but I’m happy to say, I am making a difference. I am changing the world. 2 big macs at a time.

Will you please consider joining my team of average joe’s changing the world?

I’d be honored to partner with you.

I really do hope you choose to partner with us in pressing into the darkest parts of the world because…

With great power comes great responsibility! 

So what do you guys think about being in the top 4% of the world? Why do you think we do very little with so much power? Let’s talk friends.

What stood out to you the most in this post? Also, on a lighter note, who is your favorite superhero? 

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Sammy is a crazy Nigerian, Young Adult Pastor, Mocha Club Speaker and Blogger. You can read his blog here or connect with him on twitter or face-book. You can also partner with him in his efforts to make a difference by joining his team here.

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And YOU have the chance to win a free Mocha Club t-shirt just for reading along today. You have 3 chances to enter to win (and you can do all 3!) — leave a comment, share this post on facebook (tagging Mocha Club and Sammy), or retweet this post (mention @mochaclub and @sammyadebiyi) and you’ll be entered to win a free t-shirt. We’ll pick a winner on Friday.

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  • Reply Sammy A August 30, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Hey, thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think. I’d love to dialogue with you in the comments section today.

    Regulars from my blog, you guys are the best blog community on the internet. Please do your ‘thang’ so we can show Mocha Club how we do it [unparalleled dialogue and honesty].

  • Reply Craig August 30, 2011 at 7:00 am

    And I’ve been waiting for my wolverine claws to start growing…

    Sometimes we have to be jolted out of our little American lifestyle to realize that we are beyond spoiled. We can indeed make an impact on the world around us…and it doesn’t take much.

    The battle between “I want it and I want it now!” and contentment rages on. I am seeing this unfold as Juli and I have boys in the 7th grade. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses! It is almost a daily conversation. No you don’t need that…no we are going to buy that for you…just because Timmy has one doesn’t mean you get one too…just because you are allowed to have an IPAD at school doesn’t mean you’ll get one to take to school. Whatever happened to the trapper keeper?

    Thank Sammy for the opportunity to focus on others and not ourselves.

  • Reply Sammy Adebiyi August 30, 2011 at 7:08 am

    @Craig. Thanks bro. I’m completely with you. The irony is Jesus says its better to give than to receive. Imagine if we actually believed that.

  • Reply Nicki Z. August 30, 2011 at 7:12 am

    It’s such a slap in the face to realize that the money I frivolously hand out the window at a driver thru window (because I am too lazy go go home and cook in my heated apartment that has running water) is enough to keep FIVE PEOPLE alive. The $7 that keeps my tummy content for 8 hours supplies water for a YEAR. I have a stainless steel reusable water bottle and I pride myself on “doing my part” while I fill it up from the purified water cooler. We are indeed a spoiled nation. Thanks, Sammy, for putting a little more perspective in my life…time to go be a little more like Jesus. 🙂

  • Reply Jennifer August 30, 2011 at 8:05 am

    I’ve been a supporter of Mocha Club for several months now. I have my $7 automatically withdrawn every month, not one time have I missed it. I have never once said “Man! I sure wish I had that $7 back from Mocha Club!” Actually, I’m so blessed by God’s provisions, I can give my $7 and STILL go to McDonalds–woohoo! Hallelujuah!

    I encourage folks to join, it really won’t hurt a bit, step out and trust that your $7 won’t be missed, but returned to you in blessings you can’t even imagine. Getting that Mocha Club newsletter in your in-box and seeing the pics of what your $7 has done is soooo exciting! Really it is, but you won’t know until you forego those Big Macs and bless somebody else today.

    The best part about Mocha Club to me, and one reason I feel so blessed by being a part of it; we aren’t just helping to share food, water, job training, we are a part of a club that spreads the gospel as well! BONUS!

  • Reply Jennifer August 30, 2011 at 8:08 am

    P.S.My fave superhero is She-Ra, Princess of Power. Ya gotta go way back to like 1984 to know who that is but she was awesome!

  • Reply Heather's Mom August 30, 2011 at 9:33 am

    I have been a supporter for about a year now, so has my daughter (and some of her college roommates too). The best part of this was that she was able to go to Kenya this summer with The Mocha Club and see what our donations are doing first hand. She came home so impressed by the projects she was involved in and so full of joy from the influence of the people she met who were being helped by the projects. She was able to share her experience through a blog about the trip also.

    I don’t have a favorite Superhero really. My superhero is my daughter who is probably at this point in life influencing me more than I am influencing her. She has me so inspired that I hope to go to Africa with The Mocha Club next summer too!

  • Reply BETHANY THROWER August 30, 2011 at 9:44 am

    It’s so easy to get caught up in what I don’t have that I forget how much I DO have. How bless I am. Thanks for the reminder! And the reminder that I need to do my part!!

  • Reply Elliot August 30, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    I have heard the statistics about money, wealth, ect. but 4% of the world with personal computers, wow. Here in the US it’s assumed that you have a computer, internet, email, facebook…

    It’s hard to realize we are at the top, cause often it feels like I am at the bottom…

    Love the challenge, if I may take it one step farther… with understanding that not all can do this…

    My wife and I were just talking (literally last several days) about starting a bank account that we would set money aside, for the purpose of missions. To support missionaries or preferably to go on some mission trips from time to time (once the baby is a little older) Giving money towards great missions is good (very good), but it can still cause us to distance ourselves from the blessing of serving. We still live in our isolated, insulated, American bubble and forget about our blessings. By so doing we don’t let God work in His mission field… our hearts. We prevent God from fully changing our hearts for His purposes.

  • Reply Rhonda August 30, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    As always Sammy, thanks for putting things in perspective. Yesterday I fought with my hubby over money. Then I read this and it makes it all seem so trivial. We have truly become a spoiled country and can’t see the blessings we have. Thanks again !

  • Reply a August 30, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Heather’s mom: what a story! I hope to be a mom like you someday – not only have you clearly raised up a good woman, but now you’re willing to be taught by her – what a treasure you are!!! Keep running this race, I’m convinced that God has got a lot still for you to do while on this earth – God bless you!!!

    Sammy –
    when I think about frivolous spending I never considered a meal something to categorize that way. I have also never thought about the fact that I could easily eat rice for a meal in order to send my Subway “value” meal money to keep 5 people alive for a year (I gave up drive thru restaurants for my new years resolution a couple years ago and haven’t turned back since!!!). Thanks for the perspective – a

  • Reply Lyssah August 30, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    4%. Wow. You know how there are those times you feel so inundated with stats that it doesn’t really effect you. Then other times, they hit you like a brick in the face. Well, today is the latter. I think we are so used to watching our feet as we walk that we fail to see the big picture that is right infront of us. At least I do. Our culture is so focused on “self realization”, whether it is in the form of dreams, resources or purpose, that we fail to realize what lies just beyond our scope of vision. I mean, really, to put it in a smaller picture. If we were in highschool and your class had 100 kids, we would be 1 of the 4 richest, most influential, most financially secure/affluent kids. And watching those teen movies, we are all far enough removed to be annoyed at the spoiled rich kid who doesn’t get that not everyone has it as easy as they do. We’re like the worlds elite high school jocks.
    That’s why I love the mocha club. Breaking down the ability to impact into nice bite size pieces that even the oversaturated spoild teen can get. So good. I love all of these projects!!!!! And if you haven’t had a chance, get connected. Volunteering at Mocha Club events is also great, so make sure to check it out!

    On the second note, I love Rouge and Gambit from X-Men!!!! To a pretty geeky level.

  • Reply Jeanne August 31, 2011 at 6:46 am

    I really have no superhero aspirations, although it would be pretty cool to fly. 🙂
    Last year, I gave up drinking diet Coke. I bought 2 or 3 a day, at 1.69 a pop. I now use that money to sponsor a little girl in Guatemala, and that feels awesome! I’m very interested in learning more about the mocha club. I think I can come up with another $7 a month. 🙂 (And I want a shirt!!)

  • Reply Dani Weaver August 31, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    It is hard to believe that only 4% of the world’s population has a personal computer…I have two. I’m interested in learning more about the Mocha Club….and getting a free t-shirt would be cool too:)

  • Reply Hannah M September 1, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Well said brother! When we open our eyes to a global perspective, it’s impossible not to feel compassion for our friends around the world who don’t have the luxuries we have. We are so ridiculously blessed, and I believe it is our responsibility to bless others with what we have. There are more computers than people in my house. Crazy.
    Thanks for all you do to spread the word about Mocha Club!

  • Reply Mike Schaffran September 1, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Jesus introduced me to Mocha Club through one of His great music ministries. I have not been perfect. I have closed accounts, and forgotten to contact the Ministry in which I chose to give. I have been short of funds, and have been contacted by the Mocha Club to see what might have happened. In summary. Jesus has helped me keep my commitment. I am not today willing to consider what would have happened had I not answered the door when the Good Lord came looking for me:-) Blessings & Peace.

  • Reply Lisa September 1, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    It’s so easy to take things like clean water for granted. I am proud to send in my $7 a month and once I get done with school and start on my career, I plan on upping that amount. As a poor college student, sometimes I miss that $7. But I’m happy to eat ramen noodles for a week if it means that others in the world are getting clean water or a chance at education.

  • Leave a Reply to Lisa Cancel Reply