How many is 112 people?


56 sets of parents.

Four full classrooms of noisy third graders.

Both teams of coaches and players from this weekend’s biggest rivalry football game.

More than the entire US Senate.

Three touring casts of Les Miserables.

A class of graduates from Harvard’s M.D-Ph.D. program.

. . . . .

112 people make a pretty big impact in the world.

At the Grace HIV/AIDS project in Sunyani, Ghana, we are providing life-saving medicine for 112 people. Imagine the difference that is making. It’s not just 112 strangers. It’s 112 people who could be parents, who were once rowdy kids. 112 people who could excel in any number of talents- sports, music, or maybe even government officials?

Thanks to your donation to the HIV/AIDS project, those 112 Ghanians are being given the chance to live and discover how they can change the world.

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