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Children from Ghana Rescued from Cocoa Farms

In Ghana, the Agricultural Workers Union reported that 186,000 children have worked on cocoa plantations and farms this year.  The job is dangerous; kids are not supervised or given protective clothing, and they are forced to work with heavy materials, hazardous chemicals, and dangerous tools.

In 2001, the Harkin-Engel Protocal was enacted and signed by by cocoa and chocolate companies to source the growth according to child labor standards.

Another program was launched in 2006, this one to removed 12,000 children out of the worst cocoa farms and enrolled them in school.  This program provides the children with school supplies and educates parents about the importance of schooling.

Some farmers who have attended child labor workshops are still cautions that the celebrations of success are too soon. A child enrolled in school may still be at risk of working on a cocoa farm and not attending class.  There are still changes to make, but as communities continue to take a stand, thousands of children are being rescued from such unfair lives.

Read the full article here on IRIN news.

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