Do you believe them?

When you donate $7 every month, its fair to wonder if you are actually making a difference.

So, here is the proof. All you have to do is read these testimonies and you’ll see that every dollar that you sacrifice is changing the lives of orphans in Africa.

. . . .

“I do not know how to express myself and the appropriate words to describe how I greatly appreciate the help we have been receiving from Mocha Club. My grandson, whose mother died as a result of HIV/AIDs infection three years ago, now feels happy going to school because of the uniforms, books and food he gets through your help. We are very grateful, and hope you will continue to help us.”

. . . . .

“We would like to thank Mocha Club for their sterling job to support orphans in the Bubi and Matobo, Bembesi Distirct. This project has helped the hopeless orphans to be some people to be counted in the society.”

. . . . .

May I take this opportunity to thank every one who contributed to this cause and those who will contribute for the furthering of this support to orphans. We did not see its fruits before when children were still in low grades but now we can see how effective it is to educate someone. These will be a great help to the community and God will be given glory for what the Mocha Club has done.”

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