Famine relief update.


The most severe drought in 60 years has been threatening the lives of more than 11 million people – especially young children – in the Horn of Africa. We set up a fund in the fall of 2011 to try to help these people in such a desperate time.

For every $6 that was donated, a family received a delivery of food and vital assistance for 1 month.

Thanks to the generous donations of Mocha Club members and friends, approximately 4,000 Kenyan families received much needed rations of food.

The intent was to give 4 kg (2 2kg packs) of maize flour and a 500g pack of cooking fat to each of 3,300 families. This is then cooked into the basic food staple called ugali in Kenya (a similar staple in other parts of Africa is called posho or sima).

You can read more about Ugali here.

For various reasons, in some locations fewer people were served than planned; in others, more people were served. In one location, the response was so overwhelming that our Kenyan director, in consultation with local church leaders, actually cut the rations in half to serve twice as many people.

You can see more pictures of the delivery of these emergency rations on our facebook page.

We will continue to identify emergency needs in Africa, make you aware of those needs, and do our best to meet those needs thanks to your kind hearts and generous donations.

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