She didn't have a chance.


We received this letter from one of the students at our orphanage in Zimbabwe. Nothing means more to us that hearing how just $7 a month from our Orphan Care members and artists can literally change the course of a life.

. . . . .

My name is Anita. I am a 23 year old female who had the privilege of being a beneficiary in the [Mocha Club] Orphans Programme.

The program reached out it’s helping hand at a time when much confusion and fear concerning the financing of my education was at the peak. I had just lost my father, who was the bread winner of our little family of four.

At the time I was waiting for my ‘O’ Level results, my sister was a second year student nurse and my mother was, and still is, a farmer. The loss of my father caused an upheaval in our everyday life and there was no means by which I could continue my education. This was in March 2008.

My mother did all she could but with my sister’s needs, it was hard for her to also help me achieve my educational goals. I also looked for work to try and ease the burden on her, but having only an ‘O’ Level Certificate I earned very little and could contribute little.

She appealed to Agrippa Dube [our Director in Zimbabwe] and he entered me into it at the beginning of this year. I have just recently completed my course in Marketing Management. I set for my finals and am confidently waiting for my results at the end of the year.

No words can explain the relief; joy and hope for the future that fills my heart as I write this. None can describe the gratitude for the chance the program gave me. Not only that, but I am also grateful to see the happiness on my mother’s face. I have a future now, something I had stopped hoping for. Thank you Mocha Club, God will bless your cause and all that help it reach people like me.

Thank you,


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    That is awesome. Thanks for posting.

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