The community helps.


Our new clean water well partners in Ethiopia, EKHC, have an interesting way of getting the community to invest in the upkeep of the new well in their village.

According to their website, the EKHC drills about 40 boreholes each year and installs hand pumps to supply communities with clean water. Water levels vary across Ethiopia, and in some cases, it may be necessary to drill to a depth of 100m to find water.

If water is found and testing proves it to be good to drink, which has been the case in the areas we want to drill, the Water Department installs simple, strong hand pumps. The community contributes to the project by providing labor, to prepare the site or guard equipment.

After installation, people from the local community are trained and equipped with the necessary tools to carry out basic maintenance. More severe breakdowns are dealt with by an area maintenance team that has received more extensive training. Each household contributes a small amount of money per month into a fund to pay the pump caretaker and help with the cost of spare parts.

We love partnering with projects that not only provide for the community, but encourage the community to participate as well.

As “well” … see what we did there? [Clean water pun. Classic.]

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