New Artist: Love and Death

We have loved working with Brian Head Welch for the last year or so and we are so excited to announce that BHW’s new band, Love and Death, will also be Mocha Club artists!

“I put this band to- gether in 2009” states Welch. “Since then, we’ve experienced some very intense highs and lows. Michael Valentine, Dan Johnson, J.R. Bareis and myself have toured around the world playing a lot of killer shows, but we’ve also had some heart shattering difficulties along the way as well. To us, the name “Love and Death” symbolizes everything we’ve been through as a band over the last few years. We love this band so much and we’ll go through hell to con- nect with our fans. We’ve proven that to ourselves over and over again.”

The band formed when Welch decided to have open auditions on YouTube in 2009. “I picked the guys and then had a jam session in Phoenix” says Welch. “Over the last couple of years, there have been a few line up changes as we went through normal growing pains. The current band has been together and touring for a while now and they are a big part of the new music and the future of LOVE & DEATH.”

Along with the new band name, Love and Death’s first official music project will be released on April 24th.

We are grateful that these guys have decided to support our Women at Risk project and help these women as they are released from prostitution and given a new life.

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