Provisions for Grace.


Grace Orphanage in Ghana is one of our favorite projects. These kids, many orphaned because of accident, HIV/AIDS and natural deaths, come from villages and urban areas and find it hard to access health and educational facilities due to poverty. As you know, the orphanage has adopted one hundred and eighty of these children.

These orphans and needy children are allowed to live with their relatives but get lots of help from Grace Orphanage. Thanks to Mocha Club members giving $7 a month towards the orphan care project, these kids are given books, cloths, school uniforms, footwear, money to buy food and to pay the premium for the National Health Insurance (NHIS).

And of course, sports equipment (and other needs) are also provided for these children.

One of the little guys, Patrick, recently said this about being at Grace Orphanage:

“I nearly stopped coming to school, because of the death of my father. My mother died when I was small according to my grandmother with whom I am staying with. My grandmother has no money and finds it difficult to buy my school uniform and books. Food was also a problem, but now with your help I feel very happy. I go to school everyday because I can get food to eat and uniforms. I look like someone who has a mother and father. Thank you.”

We love getting to help Patrick and his 179 buddies as they learn and grow into healthy adults in Ghana.

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  • Reply Alicia* March 1, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    May God continue to richly bless Patrick and all his peers!

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