Shake hands for them.


The Government of Ghana subsidizes the treatment and drugs for many people who have been infected with HIV/AIDS. However, patients are expected to pay $5 a month to enable them to access the necessary drugs at the hospital. Furthermore, patients having HIV/AIDS virus who are not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) have to completely pay for treatment if they contract another disease, such as malaria.

Unfortunately, most of the HIV/AIDS victims are unable to pay the NHIS premium of $15 and the $5 for the drugs.

At our Grace HIV/AIDS project in Sunyani, Ghana, because of the generous partnership with our artists and members who support our HIV/AIDS + healthcare project, we are able to pay the NHIS premium for some of those people at the end of every month.

Mocha Club sends money to the Sunyani Regional Hospital through the Medical Director for the purchase of ART drugs. The hospital authorities and the pharmacists distribute the drugs according to needs of the patients.

In the picture above, you can see a presentation being made to the Sunyani Hospital HIV/AIDS clinic in payment for drugs for 150 infected persons.

Shaking hands on behalf of 150 people? Sounds like a good day in Ghana.

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