Preventing Prostitution.


While our Women at Risk projects in Nazaret and Addis work to release Ethiopian women from the sex industry and teach them skills that allow them to make an honest living for their families, we now have a new mission as well.

The Nazaret project has recently hired a new team leader who previously also worked with youth in schools and churches. With her experience and contacts throughout the community, she is going to begin a prevention course and classes on the risks of prostitution and necessary life skills.

Many of the women currently in our rehabilitation groups felt forced into a life of prostitution because they previously did not have other hirable skills. Our new leader will be giving hope and another choice to many young women, hoping that they will pursue other avenues of income. With over 2,000 youth in schools and seven churches in the Nazaret area, we are excited to see the changes this prevention courses can make in the community.

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