A letter from HEKO.

Janet & her grandchildren

We love to tell you stories of the lives that are positively affected by our HIV/AIDS project. As you can imagine, there are very few patients willing to have their names and stories posted on the internet. The stigma that goes along with being HIV+ in Africa is still very evident, so many of our patients ask for anonymity.

We recently received an email from the director of HEKO and thought we’d share an excerpt of how 2012 has begun for them, challenges and all…..

As we welcome 2012, we also proudly reflect on the tremendous achievements we realized in our project activities through the improvement of Health and Nutritional status of people living with HIV/AIDS in the slums of Kibera, through your valuable financial support in the past year.

Our outstanding challenges, though many are within our reach. It is our prayers that we jointly continue to concentrate our efforts in enhancing and expanding the services by creating more opportunities of hope to the hopeless families devastated by the effect of HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Last year we experienced economic threats due to severe drought, calamities and inflation due to high cost of basic commodities which made it difficult for us to meet some of our targets. Kenya has been besieged by rocketing prices of key foods, fuel products and other basic needs. This runaway surge in the cost of basic living is probably an eye-opener to redefine our priorities in mitigating the negative impact of HIV/AIDS among the target population we work with.

I am confident that with your prayers and continued support we at HEKO will emerge victorious and a united team.

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