Bino and Fino

Originally by Mark Tutton, CNN

We all grew up watching cartoons. My personal favorites were Winnie the Pooh, Looney Tunes, and Bobby’s World (don’t judge, you know you liked them too). There was just something about getting to watch our favorite cartoon on Saturday mornings that made our childhood what it was.

Nigerian animator Adamu Waziri is trying to give this same childhood to Nigerian children in Africa. He created a new animated cartoon called “Bino and Fino”, which tells the story of a brother and sister living with their grandparents in an unnamed African city. Waziri states that he wishes to use the show as a way to teach children about African history, languages, and culture.

Typically, when you think of an African show, you might think of safari animals talking and singing (think Madagascar with me), but that is not what Waziri wants to accomplish. He wants to have a show that depicts the modern day middle class society of African culture.

“I want the program to teach kids and show that the stuff you see on TV of starving people isn’t the only thing (in Africa)- you have a middle class here who have the same aspirations as everyone else.” – Adamu Waziri, creator

The show has been aired in the UK, but has yet to be aired in their native country of Nigeria. The next step is to attract the funding and sponsors needed to get it aired in Nigeria.

Waziri states that it is time to “stop waiting for Disney to do it, do it yourself.” Move over Disney.

You can read the full article about Bino and Fino on CNN.

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