Mochatern Rachel: Bringing Healthcare to Rural Africa

Giving looks different for everybody. For some, giving means giving up money to help someone. To others, it means giving time. Still, for those special few, it means giving both.

My dad is one of those people.

He became a surgeon not to make loads of money. He did not become a surgeon for the status. He became a surgeon to help people. And helping people is what he does best.

My dad spent three weeks last month in Wolaitta, Ethiopia with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons helping to train surgeons at the Soddo Christian Hospital in this rural part of Africa. This is the second of many trips to Africa that he plans to make to help a country with very little surgical ability become educated to help those who need it most.

The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons was formed in 1997 in response to a profound need for surgical manpower in Africa. The shortage of surgeons in Africa is increasingly being recognized as a global health crisis having only 1 surgeon for every 250,000 people in populated areas and 1 for every 2.5 million people living in rural areas. And we thought we had a healthcare problem? So far, PAACS is the only international rural-based surgical training program in Africa with 18 general surgeons and 1 pediatric surgeons fully trained with many more to come.

To read more about PAACS, go to to learn more about this amazing program and the surgeons who are changing the lives of Africans.


-Mochatern Rachel

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