Mochaterns Week 1

Summer is officially here at the Mocha Club office, which means the newest members of the Mocha Club Team, the summer Mochaterns, are here to work alongside the hard-working staff.

The Mochaterns will continue to record their summer endeavors and adventures over on the Mochatern blog:, but every so often, we’ll be providing a glimpse into the world of the Mochatern, here, on the main Mocha Club blog. Here is a peek at week 1:

-Mochatern, Lindsay Nation, has jumped in with fashionABLE leader, Jordan, in prepping the Fall 2012 collection as the retailers for fashionABLE head off to the Atlanta market in June to showcase the newest scarves.

-With our member numbers growing, thanks to the passion of our partnered artists and their audiences, Emily and Mochatern, Katelyn Wilbanks have been reaching out to new members and updating information for our current Mocha Club community.

-Mochatern, Michael Hammers has joined Jeff in tracking tour dates for the summer and fall tours for MC artists all over the country.

-Graphic Design intern Carter Wright, who works with Mocha Club director Barrett Ward, assisted in a photo shoot for the newest fashionABLE collection and designed the line sheet for the photo shoot.

-Video intern Alexis Filippo has been busy filming ongoing activities of the interns (look for the videos coming next week on the Mochatern blog at, as well as going through some old film of Mocha Club activity for future summer video projects.

-In Communications, Matt and intern Blythe Westfall have been brainstorming with the Mocha Club Team on some exciting new marketing opportunities for upcoming campaigns and the big 7th Birthday Party !

Whew! Heaps going on here at the Mocha Club and fashionABLE office to keep us all busy for the summer. We’re so excited to join a team of folks who genuinely love what they do.. a team that is here to serve, educate, inform and inspire a generation to willingly give up a portion of their time, money and resources to help fund some incredible projects in Africa.

Remember to head over to the Mochatern blog,, for intern updates through the summer!

– Blythe Westfall

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