Breakfast of Champions

Recently, as part of the evaluation of New Dawn school in Kenya, it was discovered that a terrific way to boost student performance was to expand the New Dawn Feeding Program from lunch-only to also offering a nutritious breakfast.  Until that point, the school did not have the resources available to introduce this type of program.

It’s been noted that “eating breakfast improves concentration, problem-solving ability, mental performance, memory and mood.  With breakfast, students think faster and clearer and have better recall. Breakfast eaters also score higher on tests and have better concentration and muscle coordination. Studies reveal that children who eat breakfast are more alert and perform better on school tests than children who do not eat breakfast. They are also more creative and energetic.  Hunger, even short-term hunger, decreases attention span and ability to concentrate. Hungry children just can’t do their best work. They’re easily distracted, and become fidgety, irritable and tired.”

It’s through the generosity of Mocha Club members and African Leadership donors that New Dawn is proudly dishing out the most important meal of the day 28,800 times a year!

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