Moving from victim to victory

Aliya is a mother of two from Kenya who, at 38, is a victim of divorce due to her HIV/AIDS status. To learn new skills and help better equip herself in raising her two children alone, Aliya attends programs at HEKO Nutrition and Health Education Operations. Aliya is a strong Christian and active in her faith. We were able to speak with Aliya about her experience at HEKO.

Q: What was your life like before this project?
A: I didn’t know the importance of good nutrition.
I used to think eating meat is the most important food intake.

Q: What has your life been like since being part of this project?
A: I have known alot about good nutrition. I now know how to use the little money I have to balance my meals to meet my body requirements.

Q: What is your family situation?
A: I am a single mother of two children aged 10 years and 6 years of age. Life is difficult because I am the sole bread-winner so the situation is difficult.

Q: What has been your happiest moment since being part of this project?
A: The kind of reception given, teachings and foods being given at times has made me happy most of the time in this project.

Q: What have you personally changed since being part of this project?
A: I feel healthy because I am now following the rule of three food categories. I eat well using what I have and can now take my ARVs comfortably then previously when I was ignorant, frustrated and dejected.

Q: What is something you would like the donors to know about you or the project or tell them in general?
A: since nutrition is the basic for good health, I would like the donors to assist in income generating activities to help me maintain my nutritional status, educational support – sponsorship for my children.

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