The Graduation Glow

Last month we highlighted the celebration at the Nazaret Women at Risk Operation in Ethiopia to honor the 13 women who most recently graduated from their business training.  The ceremony was an excellent opportunity to spotlight the accomplishments of these 13 women as well as share best practices from other graduates.

Prior to their graduation 8 of the 13 women participated in internships and apprenticeships that would help give them further education as well as a marketable skill.  Of these 8, 6 trained as hair stylists, while 2 chose to work side-by-side with tailors and seamstresses in the community.

The women cited learning “how to work as a team” and “problem solving” as some of the most invaluable skills the picked up while working at their apprenticeships.  Beyond these skills, the women spent time in keeping simple bookkeeping records, learning how to understand their profit and loses, how to control the assets in their business, customer service and about what kind of problems they may face in the work places and how to solve them.

We are so proud of the current class of graduates at Nazaret Women at Risk!

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