Being a wife — It’s a position of strength

 (L to R) Sarah Obama, grandmother to American President Barack Obama with Ida Odinga,
distributing PermaNet mosquito nets in Western Kenya.Source:


Being a wife — It’s a position of strength: how Ida Odinga instills worth and value in African women.

Kenyan prime minister, Raila Odinga’s, strength in leadership is greatly bolstered by another leader at his side who has been a champion for women’s rights for over two decades.  His wife, Ida Odinga, has taken on the role of mentor, teacher, leader and role model for thousands of African girls, youth and women.

Ida Odinga began a women’s voting league back in 1991, and has since mentored countless women, families and communities on the importance of self-esteem, education and empowerment.

“Women are taking up positions of responsibility, particularly in leadership — political leadership, administrative leadership and all sorts of leadership. And that changing role is coming as a result of education,” Odinga said in a recent interview with CNN.

Odinga not only mentors women, but was also the first woman to head up a major corporation in East Africa. About this experience, she notes,“When you are satisfied with what you are doing and when you are in charge of what you are doing, you are powerful. And power is the nature of the game. The women must be powerful and they must remain strong,”

Odinga faced hardships in the early 90s when her husband was jailed and her country was facing an extreme amount of harassment, political, social and economic unrest, as well as oppression of women and youth. Yet, her confidence, self-esteem and wisdom carried her through and has furthered her success in mentoring young girls and women to feel responsible and able to pursue education, social and political leadership and careers.

Odinga’s mission is to make known the connection of education and empowerment to every African girl and woman she comes in contact with. To read her full interview on CNN, continue here:

“When you are satisfied with what you are doing and when you are in charge of what you are doing, you are powerful.”
– Ida Odinga


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