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Weaving together forgiveness

Formed to bring together women who were once considered “enemies,” or members of warring tribes during the early 90s Rwandan genocide, Gahaya Links, a handicraft company, facilitates forgiveness and healing through it’s unique process of weaving it’s product.

This outlet of employment, basket weaving, has empowered many Rwandan women and their beautiful crafts have been sold in hundreds of stores globally, including Macy’s, Kate Spade and Anthropologie.

“”[It’s] really amazing to see how a small piece of work, how culture can restore values in people, how healing comes through a small basket,” said co-founder of Gahaya Links Janet Nkubana.

Gahaya Links began in 2004 with only 27 women but today has more than 4,500 intricate weavers in 40 different cooperative companies across the country.

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