Skating the streets of Kampala


Although walking is far and away the most popular mode of transportation for Africans, the American fad of skateboarding has taken over the streets of Uganda’s capitol city, Kampala, and is rapidly spreading to the rest of Eastern Africa.

In 2006, Jack Mubiru, learned about skateboarding and wanted to bring it to Uganda for people of all ages to enjoy. Yet, the government’s strict ruling on construction forbade him to build a personal half-pipe for neighborhood kids and families. Mubiru was determined to skateboard and teach others so he rented out a mid-size building and turned it into a skate park.

Six years later, the sport has spread across Eastern Africa and people of all ages, genders and skill level have grown a deep interest in skateboarding. It has served as an alternate mode of transportation for kids to school, and as a wholesome activity for the youth to participate in.

To see incredible photos taken of the Kampala skate park and some of the founding members of the skateboarding group in Uganda visit:

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