Channel O MVAs: A Night to Honor South African Music

South African music sensation, Oskido, will be presented with the Special Recognition award at this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards show. The prestigious, South African-based Channel O awards have been in effect since 2003, each year acknowledging the well deserving artists that have risen out of a newly democratic influence in South Africa. DJ, producer, and artist Oskido, has been an expected recipient since the Awards’ humble beginnings, continually proving his famed place in the world of African music.
He emerged onto the scene in the 1990’s, starting as a DJ and then launching a career on radio, hosting his own show. Eventually he began producing music, frequently collaborating with renowned African artists to recreate classic pop hits. His fans call him “The Big O,” “Godzilla,” and most fondly, “Oscar Warona,” meaning “ours.” They know him from his early days, and have witnessed his hard work and creativity, and now they celebrate with him the recognition of his success.
The Awards will feature multiple African artists, including hosts Bonang and Ice Prince, and mega-stars Pro, Khuli Chana, Dr. Mulinga, Alaska, and Thebe, just to name a few. Particularly exciting is the presence of the acclaimed Somiki, who will be choreographing the show.
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