HIV/AIDS + Healthcare: End of 2012 Update

The impact of over 22.5 million Africans living with HIV/AIDS goes far beyond the invidiual diagnosed and deeply affects the children who are orphaned, wives widowed and communities left in fear and denial.

Thanks to your help over the last 12 months we have made a difference through the incredible work of our parnter in Kenya, HEKO (Heritage Kenya Organization). We were able to provide hundreds of Africans living with HIV/AIDS and surrounding at-risk communities with hope and healing through outreach programs, nutrition and wellness education, exercise classes, and skills training. New recreation activities have been created for the community and have shown amazing results. People living with HIV/AIDS who suffer from fear and denial of their diagnosis have been encouraged and integrated into normal life. Others who suffer from health issues like ulcers have shown dramatic improvement through regular involvement in these activities.

We simply couldn’t have accomplished these things without your generosity and commitment to giving up a few mochas a month to provide for those in need in Africa.

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