Ellilta: a shout of joy!

Ellilta: Amharic, a shout of joy, commonly used during worship, weddings, or a new birth.

In Nazaret, Ethiopia the staff at Ellilta-Women At Risk are approaching rehabilitation in a unique way; by combining both counseling and job skills training into the rehabilitation process, they are able to successfully assist women heal from a life of trauma, and find hope for the future through new job opportunities.

When women choose to enter the program, they spend time simply resting after years of desperate circumstances as well as working through recovery in individual and group counseling. Ellilta-Women At Risk also provides daily devotions, 12-step recovery programs, and literacy classes for the women during this first cycle of rehabilitation.

When the women enter the second phase, they embark on skills training and preparation for job opportunity. During this time they learn positive work ethic, communication and decision-making skills, and specific job skills. Many women learn to weave with our sister company, fashionABLE, study to become a beautician, or make the local bread, called injera. The program then helps the women with job placement, or small business set-up.

Medical needs and nutritional support are also provided for the women, along with childcare assistance, as part of the Ellilta community. The support and friendships doesn’t end with the completion of the program, most women stay in touch and support each other as they graduate and go out to live fully restored lives.

Thanks to you and your commitment to these women, there is plenty to give shouts of joy for at Women at Risk!

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