Shining in the Slums: New Dawn Students Get e-readers!

On a recent trip to Kenya, we had the opportunity to introduce Worldreader (a partnering organization that gives people in the developing world access to digital books) to the teachers and students of New Dawn Education Center. Together, our organizations were able to provide 60 e-readers to students and staff, each loaded with 100 books that will help to supplement the existing library. The e-readers will be available for checkout in the library and for teachers to use in the classroom to present creative and effective lessons.

Digital books are one of the most innovative ways to provide schools in the developing world with an array of library materials. Each e-reader has the potential to hold 3000 books, which is incredible considering this is a place where physical books are practically nonexistent. The students and staff are deeply grateful and celebrated with a ceremony earlier this month including dancing and singing “Light Your Candle, go Light the World.”

>> for more on the e-reader launch, check out worldreader’s blog.

Check out photos of students at New Dawn, an education project supported by Mocha Club members, seeing the e-readers for the first time:




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