mochaHOTmonth: Clean Water.

What’s is a HOTmonth? So glad you asked.
HOT = highlight-of-the month. Basically, we’ve chosen 5 different months of the year to highlight our 5 strategic project areas. Each month has something hot happening on the calendar already, and each were chosen for a reason.
World Water Day falls on March 22, so we have dedicated this first month to our Clean Water projects

We believe that clean water is important and essential, and we’ll use this month to educate and highlight facts and statistics about this area, as well as share what we at Mocha Club have done all over Africa to provide clean water!

To date, our parent organization, African Leadership, has been able to provide 36 clean water solutions in the countries of Sudan, Kenya, and Malawi; 19 of those projects were funded by Mocha Club. One of these projects has the potential to reach thousands of individuals, changing the lives of entire communities for years to come. Providing clean water doesn’t just provide a water source to drink from—it provides a a source of hope for the future.

Stay tuned each day this month and learn how we are funding clean water solutions as a part of our holistic approach to community development. Tweet and follow along >> #mochaHOTmonth: Clean Water.

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