mochaHOTmonth: Clean Water Day #25

Mocha Club wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help of our community committed to making a real difference in Africa. Last year, a group of college students teamed up with their Mocha Club Campus Rep program to raise money for clean water as they broke a Guinness World Record. Here’s a closer look at their fundraiser:

“On April 1, 2012 a Guinness World Record was broken by a group of college guys for the longest time jumping on a moonbounce. The young men jumped for 27 hours straight for two specific reasons: to defend their title as reigning moonbounce record holder champs, and most impressively, to raise money for a great cause. University of Alabama students Will Scogin, Jimbo Wilhite, Patrick Taylor, Miller Wright, Drew Bowman, David Wilson, Alex Keasler, and Taylor Duncan teamed up with Mocha Club campus representative Tara Northington to raise $1,000 during their world record breaking event for the clean water project at Mocha Club. The event lasted from March 31st to April 1st and was held at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. That same weekend a celebration of the Blue Angel Jets was also being held at the airport, so the team was blessed with a lot of traffic that lead to plentiful donations. Their station was decked out with banners and informational posters about the Mocha Club for anyone who walked by to check out the running time on the boys’ clock.

“We set out tie-dying kits to sell t-shirts, painted a banner, and camped out for two days in the middle of the airport. It was a site to be seen . . . we even set up a second moonbounce for kids that could bounce while the guys did. We asked for donations to be able to jump and it was well received by the Tuscaloosa Community; they all wanted to chip in for a great cause,” said Tara.

A big “thank you” from all of us at Mocha Club to those who participated. Check out the video below to watch a world record in the making.”

Moonbounce 2012 from Drew Bowman on Vimeo.

Have your own idea that you’d like to turn into something fun and important. Check out how you can get involved with Purpose Project.

Stay tuned each day this month and learn how we are funding clean water solutions as a part of our holistic approach to community development. Tweet and follow along >> #mochaHOTmonth .

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