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We launched the Purpose Project a few months ago, and have loved watching people get outside of their comfort zone to make a difference. Each project is about an apprehensive ambition — that thing you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had a reason or the courage to do so. Enter: the mocha club… aka motivation. By adding some purpose & raising money for people in Africa, your goal becomes a little less about you and more about doing something big & fun with your community. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a few of the projects we’ve seen so far here on our blog…  First we had Carly. Next up: Brittany.

Hi y’all, I’m Brittany from Most people know me as the crazy, out going, people loving, coffee addicted fun mom of four (now almost 5) kids. But this past November I embarked on my first of hopefully many Purpose Projects called: The Pink Project, which led to my new title. The pink haired lady!

As soon as I heard about The Mocha Club and the idea of a Purpose Project, I knew I wanted to be a part of this. So I set an extremely ambitious (to me) goal of raising $1600 for the Women at Risk program. If the money was raised then I would dye my hair pink. Yes, I had always secretly wanted to do this, but being the mom to 4 kids and future pastor’s wife, it never seemed like the appropriate thing to do. For these women though, I could do it. They needed hope and a life out of prostitution, and I was willing to give up my fear to rock the pink! So with the amazing help from many people I know and don’t, my original goal of $1600 was completely blown out of the water. I was speechless, in tears, and just in awe of people’s compassion. We had hoped to only free 4 women, but were able to give 7 another shot at life. Unbelievable.

Then just two weeks into December I was walking around, head held high, with the most gorgeous pink hair. The best part though, was the ability to share with on lookers about WHY my hair was pink. All I could do was grin.

Want to see my hair?


 I mean, I think I was born to be the pink haired lady! Seriously, it’s just me!

Have you considered doing a Purpose Project of your own? I encourage you to do it! Think of something you’ve always wanted to do, or been too afraid of doing. Can you harness that fear and excitement to push you in helping these people in Africa? We can make a difference, nobody has too small of an influence to help. Don’t be afraid of not reaching your goal. If God called you to do a Purpose Project He will help you reach it. The biggest lesson I learned that month was to rely on Him. I couldn’t let the fear of not reaching my goal get in the way. I just needed to focus on Him and sharing with everyone I met about my project. He tugged on people’s hearts, He led them to give, He made it happen. I just got to be a part of it all. And boy am I so thankful!

Have your own idea? Submit them here or email info(at)… we’d love to help!

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