Orphan, Emma, Discovers She is Wonderfully Made

Meet Emma, one of the incredible young ladies who are served by the Adziwa Project in Malawi. Adziwa aims to alleviate the suffering and provide for the needs of the growing orphan population in the nearby slum of Kauma in Malawi.

“My name is Emma. I am 14 years old. I lost my mother when I was only 1 week old. I do not know where my father is. I only saw him once in 2012. I am now staying with my grandparents. We are 7 children in my family. My grandmother does not work. We were staying in a very small house within Kauma village up until my grandmother was given a good house at Adziwa Community. My life started to experiences changes. I am now proud of the house I stay in. 

My life is changing time to time. Now we have new teachers at our school. They are really my parents. They listen to my problems and they help me to overcome obstacles I meet every day. Above all I thank God for Mr. Chete who is our Head Master. I wish he was my father. I feel so safe and loved every day I see him. I am sure that he is sent by God to me to be my father. Since he came we have been eating sweet porridge and sometimes we drink tea at school. He loves everybody as his own child. My teacher Mr. Chirwa is a wonderful man. I can now speak and write English. Mr. Chirwa encourages us to study hard. He always read a Bible before us before we start learning. I like this because ever since I started learning from the Bible I fill secured and happy with my life. Mr. Chete taught me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I now know that God loves me.”
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