mochaHOTmonth: Women At Risk Day #3

We mentioned how the Village of Hope was one of our first projects at the Mocha Club.  Those of you who joined in those early years through MC Artist Matt Wertz remember him sharing about his experience spending time with these women. Matt and MC founder, Barrett Ward, visited Uganda in January 2007, and shortly after, he shared on our blog about a women he met named Grace

“I got to sit down with her as she told me her story. How she was abducted at 14, given to a 50 year old Commander in the LRA, gave birth to two children and then, at age 28 escaped, losing both of her children, one in crossfire and one to disease. She spoke in a daze, far removed from the room we were sitting in, as she recalled the fear and pain she experienced in her 14 years of captivity. She lost her childhood, as well as her opportunity to love and to be loved. The Village of Hope’s goal is to give those things back to her…” [ Read more ]

And check out this (not so hi-def) video of Matt & Barret’s time in northern Uganda with the women of the Village of Hope…


Stay tuned each day this month and learn how we are supporting vulnerable women in Africa as a part of our holistic approach to community development. Tweet and follow along >> #mochaHOTmonth .

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